Virtual Compass School – Easter Enrichment

Happy Easter everyone!

We appreciate this Easter Holiday won’t be like any other. Coping with the C19 situation is a struggle. We are short on space, work and ideas about how to occupy ourselves during what should be a holiday. To combat some of these pressures we have put together a series of Enrichment ideas that you could have a go at over the next two weeks. Possibly try one a day and see how it goes. The trick is to find something you enjoy, something you can repeat and something you can come back to.

Compass ENJOY: let’s get physical

Mr. Flowers recommends you go  Sport England and chose one of the areas that peaks your interest. They have a great range of ideas and exercise from Yoga to The Body Coach to our very own. The trick is to find something you can do regularly at home for about 30 minutes a day.

Coach Simon from Greenhouse Sports recommends two films you may want to have a look at:

  • Coach Carter– A great movie about how an unconventional basketball coach gets the best out of team!
  • When the Game Stands Tall – a moving movie about how an American football teams comes together in the face a tragedy.

Ms. Milburn recommends that you register for free membership with downdog and complete some of these beautiful exercises to rest your body and your mind.

Compass ASPIRE: what do you have to say?

Having completed physical workout, you may want to turn to your imagination and voice. Ms. Walkey Williams recommends you have a look at the following poets over the next couple of days – Trudy, a former Compass student, ADD TWO MORE

Ms. Ellis and Mr.May from our Performing Arts Department recommends going to the National Theatre at Home You Tube channel every Thursday evening at 7.00 pm to watch a full length play.  If you have smaller brothers and sisters at home you can catch Ms.Ellis reading bedtime stories every evening at 7.00pm on her Theatre Company page.

Compass EXPLORATION: where can you explore?

TED Talks is the place to go to find up to the minute discussions, ideas and reflections on the world and universe. There is a great interview with Bill Gates. If you fancy going beyond our planet why not listen to the wonderful Professor Brian Cox talking about the Universe. Finally there is always the wonderful Melvyn Bragg talking about a host of topics from History to Philosophy at In Our Time .

Films and Documentary worth a watch are:

  • Blue Planet II our Guardian of Nature David Attenborough Takes to the Sea (Netflix)
  • Interstellar – A team of explorer go where no person has gone before – into and beyond the event horizon (Amazon)
  • Hidden Figures – The story of three extraordinary women who launcher the astronaut John Glenn into space (Amazon)
  • The Theory of Everything– a wonderfully moving film about the scientist Stephen Hawking (Netflix)

See what they all have in common.

Remember to enjoy exercise and aspire to stretch your imagination and expand your mind.

Stay strong, stay safe and stay you.

Mr May (Head of Enrichment)