Online remembrance day project

By Mr Mohammad

On November 11th, Year 7 students who have taken Minecraft as one of their enrichment sessions, took part in a Remembrance Day Project, creating poppies in Pixel Art form. Students were expected to combine their Maths and problem solving skills as well as their creativity to produce poppies in block formation.

First, they had to complete a worksheet designing their poppy, drawing various designs on square paper and then counting the number of blocks they would need of each of the main colours of the poppy; black for the centre, red for the petals and green for the stem. Next, they would log into the Minecraft world and construct their poppy. Students had to think critically of how they would complete this task, transferring their 2D designs into a 3D construction, whether to build the structure flat on the floor or upright and if they built it upright, would they need scaffolding. Some students collaborated together, communicating their solutions to different problems to fulfil the task and others worked independently. In the end they produced some wonderful pieces in only a one hour session.

The work below is from George Keogh (East), Lirdi Ramku (South) and Matthew Brzezinski (West) in Year 7.