Trudy Vs the World: Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge

By Cayla, Lisa and Abdul, Year 7

The inspirational Trudy was chosen from six other competitors.

With her passionate speech about how most girls buy their happiness from the amount of likes per photo from social media, Trudy is now going to preform against the boroughs of London and Essex.

One of the judges Miss Walkey Williams remarked, “It wasn’t easy to choose, I’ve worked with most of the contestants. The decision wasn’t easy but there was a clear winner. I was looking for someone with confidence, who moved around on the stage and who thought about the vocabulary. I also wanted someone who strikes a chord for me.

Maurycy, a year 7 student on the Compass School Council, “I think Trudy should have won as she had good content and structure.”

Marucy also remarked that he would like to participate in the Jack Petchey “because I like speaking my opinion.”

We also got a chance to talk with our second place winner, Archie. He commented, I am happy for Trudy, although I also wanna win and get far, I want her to do well.’

Archie felt, “It was one of my best speeches. I thought what could I do to make a statement. I entered because I thought I would be good at it”

Finally, he mentioned that “Of course they were nervous when we had to do the assembly.”

Compass reporters asked a year 7 student if they were touched by Trudy’s speech.

She replied with, “Yeah. I see where she is coming from and that’s why I don’t wear makeup.”

Jack Petchey started this foundation in 1999, the Jack Petchey Foundation does programmes and projects that benefit young people.

This challenge is available to every state school in London and Essex. The school decides which students will participate. Trudy may go on to the regional finals and from there – a chance to meet the prime minister!

How will the Year 10s cope under pressure? Will Trudy win?

What will happen in the Jack Petchey Speak Out challenge?