The World of Books: Q&A about Reading at Compass School Southwark

By Louis, Eronisa and Kirsty, Year 7

World Book Day was on the 2nd  March 2017. Many schools celebrated the day with activities to represent World Book Day. Here at Compass, we played Character Guess Who. Other schools even dressed up as well-known characters.

Today, for BBC School Report, we interviewed several Compass members about what their favourite books are and we asked them the following questions:

Q1) What is your favourite book?

Q2) Who is your favourite author?

Q3) Do you enjoy reading, if not why?

Q4) Who’s your favourite book character?

Q5) Is your holiday your main reading time?


Maurycy Gleba – Year 7 East

A1) The Gone Series

A2) Terry Pratchet

A3) Yes, I enjoy it a lot because I learn from the books

A4) Tiffany Aching because she’s smart and funny


Tegan Wood – Year 7 East

A1) The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time

A2) Jeff Kinney

A4) Christopher because he’s strange


Nancy Dooling – Year 7 North

A1) I can’t choose, I like them all.

A2) Michael Morpurgo because his books are interesting

A4) Matilda because she’s clever, smart and mysterious


Dillon Collinson –   Year 7 North

A1) The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

A2) Roald Dahl because I like his poems

A4) Manny Heffley because he is really funny


Lily-Mae Headley – Year 7 North

A1) Matilda

A2) Jacqueline Wilson because her books are amazing and inspiring

A3)  It depends on how I’m feeling.

A4) Matilda because she is mischievous, talented and a bookworm

A5) No, because sometime my holidays are times for me to spend time with my family


Ms Quigley – The Librarian

A1) Sense and Sensibility

A2) Janes Austin

A3) I love reading – it’s my passion

A4) Father/Son in Danny The Champion Of The World because I love the relationship they have.

A5) Yes and I’m currently reading Youth action books.


Ms Stone – Head of Trailblazers

A1) I Enjoy many books especially Lluvia de Oro – which means Rain of Gold.

A2) I don’t have a current favourite author, though some of the authors I’ve been reading lately are John Le Carré, Ann Lecki, Michael Grant and Victor Villaseñor.

A3) I love reading because it’s makes me experience adventures and I’m entertained by the stories.

A5) I read outside of my holiday every only read almost 1 hour a day during my commute.


Ms Green – Art Teacher

A1) Dark Materials

A2) Joe Abercrombie because he’s an amazing author.

A3) I enjoy reading because it helps me think better

A4) Gandalf because he’s a powerful wizard

A5) I read beyond my holidays. Because I’m very busy, I normally read on the underground


These questions helped us understand what people thought about books and World Book Day. From these answers it is clear that reading improves people’s knowledge and lives. Roald Dahl and more amazing authors have inspired us to reach out for our dreams and enjoy the world of books. World Book Day has allowed us to find out facts about others and the books they enjoy and their opinion on World Book Day.