Students affected by National Teacher shortage

By Laila, Michael and Rita, Year 9

Across the country there has been an increasing issue of the shortage of teachers. This limits the school’s academic possibilities and prevents the students from the education they need to succeed.

In a school, the teacher’s role is to prepare students for their future. However, with this controversy present, students will not be able to reach their aspirations and goals affecting their futures.

Due to the fact that people going elsewhere to work, there is a lack of teachers, which are influential and significant to how the world is shaped. Young people need the support and guidance to achieve their ambitions and create a new society.

There are reasons why people have decided not to go into the industry or have walked away. This may be because of:

  • Number of students increasing
  • Graduates are finding jobs elsewhere
  • Stress
  • Behaviour
  • Education budgets cut

The national college indicated that demand for new staff will not peak until 2019. This will be when the current year 9 students will doing their GCSEs. If they do not get the basics now, it will be difficult in the following two years.

The two subjects that need more teachers are maths and science, however most people who get a degree in either of them mostly go into STEM rather than teaching. The government is so desperate to gain more qualified teachers, that they are raising the paying price.

Because of the lack subject specialist teachers nationally, many non-specialised teachers are now having to teach or cover subjects that they are not strong in, or didn’t even qualify in.

Teaching is key to any profession; without teachers, no-one would be where they are today. If we don’t give this generation an opportunity to show what they’re capable of, they will not be able to excel and do great things in the future. It’s unfair to them.