Media, the good, the bad and the ugly

By Nhu and Kass, Year 9


Social Media – a platform on which you can communicate, socialise and view world-wide events. But is it all good? With a developing world like ours, is it entirely true to assume that we stay the same online as we do off? In this report we will explore the in-depth truth of what we see on the screens, and what we see off.
Have you ever thought that one little thing can change you, the way you perceive yourself, to what you wear and how you think? That’s the one thing about social media: it can make you different from who you actually are.
Some people use the platform of social media to change themselves. They put out an image of what they want people to see or think of them. Think about it: have you ever changed yourself for the sake of someone else’s liking?
Everyone’s own truth
In reality, not everyone shares the same opinions, and with this idea in mind, we interviewed four students and a member of staff asking them three questions:

What is your definition of social media?

“Socialising across multiple platforms, without actually meeting anybody.” – Mr. Egbuchiem

“Communication between other people from different areas, may that be around the world or your home city. They can communicate from taking pictures to video calls” – Amin

“My definition of social media is a platform where you can contact other people, monitor what they are doing and share what you are doing” -Gabriel

Has social media change you personally?

“Yes it has changed me, it is addictive to stay online; I always feel like I need to be on it” -Michael

“It changed my mind-set. Seeing big celebrities having designer clothes makes me want to have all the stuff they have. ”- Amin

“Social media has not changed me as a person however, it has made me care a little less about everyone else, opinion’s and what they are doing”- Gabriel

How do you think social media has changed our modern society?

“It changes some people….. They need to be noticed and be seen as what social media wants them to be, rather than being themselves.”
– Safira

“I feel like social media changes people. It makes them different from who they really are. I feel like there is an increase in suicidal thoughts as people change the way who they are because they think they need to and this makes them more unhappy” – Gabriel

“It’s all about what and who you follow that influences you”- Amin

Overall, social media changes a lot of people in a lot of different ways. This suppresses the user’s will to live the life they want to live, and we end up not knowing ourselves or even really knowing others. As we were interviewing we heard a phrase of which sums up this whole idea: Mr. Egbuchiem remarked, “The world is small, yet the person next door is more of a stranger than ever.”