Driving Change Through Diversity

By Elexia and Belle, Year 8


Gender equality still hasn’t come far enough. Many countries have progressed in terms of gender equality, but not all 196 countries are clear.

On Wednesday 8th March, Compass School Southwark celebrated International Women’s Day, sharing their opinions on how women and girls should be treated around the world. Compass School reporters followed up on this very important subject by interviewing students to get their opinions on equality for women.

A year 8 student named Sofiane stated, “I feel bad because girls are not as equal as boys and they don’t have the same opportunities.”

This shows that young men have positive opinions about young girls having rights, and shows that boys do also have the right to stand up in the future and make a change for girls their own age.

Beyond Compass School, international rescue committee teams are helping survivors (young girls) find jobs and break the cycle of violence, and many of them may be boys.

Back at Compass, Shyanne, Year 7, reports, “I feel sad because I don’t think it’s fair on girls in different countries. I also feel a little helpless and guilty, as I take being a girl for granted and I don’t always understand how lucky I really am.’

Over 130 million girls around the world don’t have access to education and well paid jobs. Shyanne feeling this way shows some countries have improved equal rights for what girls need in life but some countries are still in the need of making huge leaps forward.

A young student in Year 7, Abdul, commented, “We all have the same rights, we are all equal and no person deserves to be different from anyone else and excluded because of their gender.”

Compass School is in England and we all have the rights we are entitled to as a country. We are given opportunities that others, particularly young women, just do not have. Many students in England are ever so lucky to have these wide chances of being successful and are trying to change the world while they’re still young. However this does not take place in other parts of the world.

For instance, Year 8 Compass student Tia Lou says, “If I wa s ever pushed to marry at the age of 13 (which is my current age) I would feel distraught and depressed as I am being forced and pushed to do something really don’t want to do.

Out of 196 countries still none are clear of sexism just yet. This affects girls and their families as a lot wouldn’t be comfortable or happy about the things they are being made to do, such as being married of at a young age and having children at the age of fifteen.

Overall, diversity is the cure to this strong dilemma and hopefully we can put a stop to inequality.