Compass School will become The Charter School Bermondsey from 1st July 2023

We are making small changes only to our uniform and don’t anticipate any additional cost to students:

  • New ties will be provided to all students without cost
  • We will provide a free, iron on logo for existing blazers
  • New blazers, PE shirts and tracksuit tops with the updated logo will be available to purchase from Price & Buckland from July.
  • New, unbranded tracksuit bottoms that match the tops will also be available to purchase from July.
  • There is no change to unbranded items of uniform
  • Existing PE kit can be worn until parents are ready to replace these
  • We have asked Price & Buckland to design a summer dress for 2024 to add to the diversity of our uniform

Students must wear correct uniform at all times and come to school in PE kit on the days they have practical PE. We have kept compulsory branded items to a minimum and our online shop through Price & Buckland ensures costs remain low. 

The items below reflect correct school uniform, with compulsory branded items purchased from Price & Buckland in bold. All other items are not branded and can be purchased from a retailer of parents’ choice:

  • Compass single-breasted blazer with logo
  • Embroidered school tie
  • Plain navy-blue V-necked jumper
  • White shirt buttoned to the neck
  • Grey or black socks only
  • Plain black leather/ vegan leather shoes without logos (see examples at foot of this page)
  • Belts, if worn, must be plain black with a plain buckle
  • Mid grey trousers or shorts (tailored, not tight, shorts knee length)
  • Compass tartan skirt (optional) or mid-grey skirt (skirt knee length)
  • Plain navy or black hijab (optional)
  • A school bag large enough to carry an unfolded A4 folder
  • Coat (optional) – this should be fit for providing protection from the weather and not a fashion item. (E.g. No denim, leather, fur, jackets).

PE kit

If students have a practical PE lesson, they attend school in their PE kit:

  • Compass blue polo shirt 
  • Compass blue shorts
  • Pale blue sports socks
  • Sports trainers
  • Compass tracksuit top or new style mid-layer top (optional). Students wear their school blazer over their PE top during the day if they do not have the tracksuit or mid-layer top. This is removed for PE lessons.
  • Compass tracksuit bottoms (optional). New style now available. Or plain tracksuit/jogging bottoms without logo.
  • A plain, black, base layer for warmth (optional)

Sports Kit – A plain base layer (skins) may be worn under PE kit in cold weather.

Students who don’t have correct PE kit will be supported with a replacement so learning is not disrupted. They will receive an “Incorrect Uniform -1”. If a student has no PE kit, they will be parked for the lesson and receive a 60 minute detention that day.

Please note that we do not sell uniform in school. The only item available to purchase from school is the tie.

Jewellery, accessories and hair

Students should not wear jewellery to school, other than single, small, plain, gold or silver stud earrings and/or a wristwatch.

  • Jewellery and piercings on other parts of the face and body must not be worn whilst at school·
  • Hair must be neat with no shaved patterns or in facial hair.
  • Hair must be of a natural colour
  • Hair accessories must be discreet and navy blue/grey/black
  • Headscarves are not permitted unless worn for religious observance

Where a student is required to wear additional items for religious reasons, parents/carers must send a letter to the school to confirm this and reasonable allowances will be made, providing the health and safety of the student or their peers is not compromised.


Students should not wear makeup or nail polish to school, and staff have the authority to ask students to remove makeup with wipes. This includes but not limited to:

  • Acrylic nails
  • False eyelashes and eyebrows

An “Incorrect Uniform -1” correction will be issued for non-compliance with uniform. Where unresolved, students will be required to work in the Behaviour Support Unit and parents/carers will be informed.


Students must wear black leather school shoes. See the below illustrations for guidance.