Students are expected to arrive in school and to leave the premises in full school uniform, and students who come to school without the correct uniform will not be permitted to attend lessons, and may be sent home to change or asked to wear spare school uniform. Students will also be given a 30 minute detention to be completed after-school that day.

Compass School uniform can be bought online from Price & Buckland (please click here to be directed to their website). Price and Buckland


Please note that we do not sell uniform in school. The only item available to purchase from school is the tie.

The uniform consists of the following items:

  • Plain coat (optional)
  • Plain mid blue single-breasted blazer with compass logo on pocket (purchased from Price & Buckland)
  • Plain navy blue V-necked jumper
  • White shirt buttoned to the neck
  • Embroidered tie in house colour (available to purchase from school)
  • Socks – grey, black or navy blue
  • Plain black shoes with no logos (see below for details)
  • Boys: tailored mid grey trousers; Girls: tailored mid grey trousers or tartan knee length skirt (purchased from Price & Buckland)
  • Plain navy blue or black hijab

Sports wear

The sports kit consists of:

Students are not permitted to represent the school in any activities if they are not in full school uniform.

Jewellery and accessories

Students should not wear jewellery to school, other than small, plain, gold or silver stud earrings (one in each ear) and/or a watch. Jewellery and piercings to other parts of the face and body must not be worn whilst at school. 

Hair must be neat with no shaved patterns in hair styles or facial hair. Hair must be of a natural colour.

Any hair accessories must be discreet and navy blue/grey/black. No brightly coloured hair accessories will be permitted. Headscarves are not permitted unless worn for religious observance.

All items must be removed for PE lessons for health and safety reasons.


Students should not wear makeup or nail polish to school. If seen, students will be sent to the reception where makeup remover wipes will be provided. Acrylic nails will be removed.


Students must wear black leather school shoes. See the below illustrations for guidance.

Boys_footwear Girls_footwear Unsuitable footwear