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Learning in lessons is only the foundation to achieving academic excellence. Students will commit to learning outside of the lesson so that they have the best opportunity to reach the destination to which they aspire. All home learning is set using Show My Homework.

All students and parents have a password to show my homework for their child’s personal homework calendar, though access to all homework can be made through the website here 

KS3 Students will be set at least three hours of home learning hours per subject a half term and this will be set in the format of a Homework Grid. This could include a mini-project or smaller tasks such as essays, reading, quizzes and research etc. 

KS4 Students will be set at least one hour a week for Core Subjects and at least one hour a fortnight for Non-Core Subjects and this will be set in the format of a Homework Grid.

Independent Learning Spaces

All students will have access to the Library before school, at break and after school Monday to Thursday 15:30 – 17:30 to support them in home learning completion, revision and use of online platforms such as seneca, GCSE POD, GCSE Bitesizem, PIXL and many others to support in independent learning. 

Use the links below to register;



GCSE Biteseize


If you have any questions please e-mail Senior Assistant Principal or Senior Leader for Teaching and Learning