Gifted and Talented

Our Trialblazers all have free access to The Garden!

Our Gifted and Talented programme is aimed at our Trailblazers, those identified to be the strongest academically in their year group. They are identified from their Key Sage 2 SATs results, and we also use Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs) to get a fuller picture of students’ potential. These students are often also called High Prior Attainers, so if you hear this phrase, that’s who we are talking about. 

It’s a long journey between Year 6 and Year 11 and we aim to support your child with a range of academic and personal enrichment opportunities enabling them to: 

  • Achieve in line with or above target grades by the end of each academic year  
  • Be exposed to additional enrichment activities outside of curriculum time and their home environment that is academically aspirational  
  • Alongside their families to understand the school’s provision and the vital contribution that families make to their student’s commitment to academic excellence 

There are three separate strands that operate throughout the year and alongside each other to strategically target  and cater for High Prior Attainers: 

 Strand 1 – In-class differentiation  

  • There is an expectation that all staff will provide differentiated work that is designed to stretch students in all lessons  
  • Teachers will also use the same style of differentiation and language within lesson so that these students are aware of the work that is planned to stretch them
  • Our knowledge-rich curriculum also ensures that students are clear from the outset about the knowledge and skills that they require to be successful in each year and across their five years at Compass  

Strand 2 – Subject specific extra-curricular activities   

  • All subjects to offer a yearly additional activity (outside of normal class learning) for Years 7, 8 and 9 that is solely aimed at higher achieving students  
  • Homework is differentiated to stretch our Trailblazers
  • Offer of ‘stretch’ reading or appropriate suggested cultural activities such as films to watch, podcasts to listen to or museums to visit as part of their Homework Grids  

  Strand 3 – Extra-curricular   

  • Lead teacher to put together a programme that stretches students outside of the curriculum  
  • All students identified as ‘HPAs’ in Years 7-11, should experience at least one extra-curricular activity per year that stretches them academically 

The provision in place for 2022-2023 includes:

  • High Prior Attainer Programme  – Parents’ launch event 
  • Brilliant club for Year 7 and 8  
  • Compass lectures (once a HT)  
  • Compass book club for Years 7-9 (takes place weekly in LFT) 
  • University visits via outreach programmes  
  • Additional trips and visits within subjects E.g. King’s College London Maths School
  • Free use of The Garden, ‘a fantastic learning opportunity offering live, interactive online debates and an archive of over 100 lectures, ranging in topics from space exploration to Shakespeare’.  

Expectations of Parents/Carers

You can support your child with their studies in school, at home and beyond by ensuring they:  

  • Attend school each day & on time
  • Give 100% FOCUS in lessons
  • Complete homework on time
  • Revise for assessments
  • Ask for support when they need it

Do check in with them regularly. Asking them what they studied in the day. Check their books – are they working hard and completing all work including stretch activities?

It helps having their timetable in the kitchen so you can ask them when you get a chance 

  • Playing board games is a great one for competition, strategy and spending time as a family 
  • Encourage them to take up a sport or creative activity as an enrichment or outside school 
  • Take them to a gallery, museum or cultural venue – find something that may interest you both 
  • Engage them in current affairs, asking their opinion and encourage them take on board a number of different points of view
  • Encourage them with their studies, challenge them to develop their skills and celebrate their achievements