The Art and Design department at Compass aims to provide an exciting learning environment that stimulates creativity and builds resilience.

“To be an artist is to believe in life.” – Henry Moore

Pupils will learn how to communicate their ideas and experiences through a variety of thematic projects. Pupils will get the opportunity to explore a range of techniques and processes such as, mark making, collage, painting, printmaking and 3 dimensional work.

Pupils will critically explore how artists, craftspeople and designers from diverse cultures, times and societies have arrived at solutions and communicated meaning using the formal elements. Pupils will use this knowledge when developing new ideas, recording observations and creating outcomes which fully realise their personal intentions.

The Art department aims to give students insight into the scope of the subject and understanding future creative possibilities.

Curriculum Journey and Progression Maps 

The Art Curriculum Journey is an overview of the plan of topics and assessments that pupils will cover across years 7-11. You can check the topics and skills your child will be covering now and in the future. A Progression Map shows the knowledge and skills that pupils will be taught in each year. Use this to support your child with present, future learning and revision activities.

Progression Map- Art and Design

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers exist for all topics and include the key information and terminology that pupils need to know to achieve Grades 5-9. These will be stuck in books at the start of every topic (see examples below). It is important that your child is using, consulting and memorising the information on Knowledge Organisers at home to ensure that they have the core knowledge to unlock skills in assessments and exams.

Examples of Art Knowledge Organisers:

HT1 -2: Year 7 – Formal Elements

HT1-2: Year 8 – Cubism

HT1-HT6: Year 9 to 11

If you have any questions about the Art curriculum or would like access to any more Knowledge Organisers then please e-mail the Subject Lead for Art – Stefania Ragusa.