Enrichment timetable 2021-2022

Enrichment name Before school session

(7:30 – 8:30)

Lunch session

(13:05 – 13:45)

After school session

(Monday – Wednesday 15:35 – 16:30,

Thursday 14:40 – 15:30)


Singing Wednesday (all year groups) Mr Jones and Ms Field
Compass Band Tuesday (all year groups) Mr Jones and Ms Field
Leather work Wednesday (all year groups) Mr Osman
Table tennis Monday and Tuesday (all year groups) Monday Friday (all year groups) Wednesday (girls only, all year groups) and Thursday (all year groups) Coach Tyla
Football (Ballers) Ms Kidney
Basketball Tuesday (Y9 and Y10) and Thursday (Y11) Wednesday (all year groups) London Thunder
Shakespeare schools Monday and Wednesday (Y7-9) Mr May and Ms Walkey-Williams
Girls’ football Thursday (all year groups) Ms Kidney
London Youth Games Thursday (all year groups) Mr Flowers
Fitness Wednesday (all year groups) External teacher

Our enrichment programme aims to encourage pupils to explore their potential by trying new and varied experiences such as community activities, additional sports and the arts. Many of these continue after school so pupils can really immerse themselves and enrich their learning.

Our enrichment curriculum is made up of four strands;

Compass Enjoy and Aspire: This strand is made up of timetabled enrichment sessions that run for the whole academic year as well as after school enrichment sessions. These are essential in developing and building soft skills on a week by week basis in areas of learning that are not covered by the core academic curriculum. Students in Years 7-9 will have one enrichment lesson in their timetable that they can select each year. 

  • The ENJOY enrichment programme will develop our current provision with the Arts, Computing and PE. These will be activities that we don’t offer in the curriculum, that are genuinely enjoyable and different to the formal academic curriculum. ENJOY enrichments include Yoga, Boxing, Leatherwork, Table Tennis, Girls Football, Gardening and Choir. 
  • The ASPIRE enrichment will build on our whole school focus for developing pathways to further education, training and employment. ASPIRE will enable students to make informed choices about their future. APSPIRE enrichments include DebateMate, creative writing with First Stories, Performing Arts, STEM and Astronomy.

Beyond Compass. As a school we take students out regularly on field trips, Museum visits, Art Galleries and to the Theatre. Beyond Compass formally acknowledges and celebrates the additional exploration our students undertake in their core academic curriculum and is led through the departments. This element includes but is not exhaustive to external projects including: Brilliant Club, Greenhouse Table Tennis, Old Vic Theatre Club and Play On Shakespeare. 

Compass Talks: These are events with professionals who are invited to share thoughts and field questions from selected students. Their aim is to support in raising aspirations of how discrete subject areas of groups of subjects support in the advancement to certain careers or sectors of work. These have included visits from economists, engineers and even filmstars.

Compass Collaborates: These projects aim to engage students over an agreed period of time and enhance their academic, social and personal understanding of their education and the world beyond school. This is done through collaboration with external partners who work with our students in several different settings on site. These have included ESTEEM, Future Frontiers, Ballers Academy, Boyhood to Manhood, the Duke of Edinburgh Award with The March Foundation and workshops with the Old Vic Theatre Club and peripatetic lessons.

Trips and visits

The ability to explore the world around us is core to the Compass vision, with ‘exploration’ as one of our core values. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that Compass students explore beyond the school and their local community, to the City of London, to other parts of the UK, and beyond.

Over the course of each school year there will be a number of opportunities for our students to participate in trips and visits and share their experiences on our twitter, in our weekly Community Bulletin and in our Termly newsletter Our Journey