Our Values are fundamental to our Curriculum. They reflect our beliefs and the cultural context of our school community.  We encourage all members of our school community to understand and embody our core values. 

Our mission statement: “Everyone in the Compass School Community will confidently reach the destination to which they aspire” drives all that we do. This means our curriculum will ensure that all students can thrive through developing a core set of values as well as experiencing an aspirational curriculum from Year 7 to Year 11 that facilitates progression to Level 3 academic study for all students 

We are a fully inclusive school, with a core academic curriculum followed by all students. To reach aspirational targets teaching and learning is backed up by a knowledge-rich curriculum, modelling positive behaviour for learning, including independent learning through homework to give the students the skills and understanding of what makes a successful learner. 

Our knowledge-rich curriculum

Our knowledge-rich curriculum offers a blend of knowledge and skills so that your child has the opportunity to acquire core knowledge and develop high level skills in all their subjects across Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. This is essential and in order to support your child to effectively learn and excel across all the subjects in the core academic curriculum.

As you explore our subject pages, you’ll find a range of resources that will enable you to support your child’s learning in and beyond the classroom.

  1. A Progression Map for Knowledge and Skills: A map that states the planned knowledge and skills in each subject that students will be taught to in order to progress through from Year 7-11 and exists for each subject. This is useful if you want to see how your child can consolidate what they know and practice what they can do in each subject.
  2. A Year Overview: The plan of topics and assessments that students will cover September to July for Years 7-11. You can see what topics and skills your child will be covering in case you want to support them out of lesson time such as on weekends and holidays.
  3. Interleaved Content Retrieval – Do Nows: Every lesson students will spend the first 5 minutes answering 5-10 questions. The aim of this is to support your child in remembering facts over long periods of time and is a vital revision technique. These are really great for short quizzes at home if you want to support your child with memory techniques using their exercise books or Mega Do Nows on ShowMyHomework (SMHW)
  4. Knowledge Organisers: These exist for every single topic in all subjects and includes key information and key vocabulary that every student will need to know to access aspirational targets. These will be stuck in books at the start of every topic and can be downloaded from the Curriculum section of our website as well as through ShowMyHomework. It is important that your child is using, consulting and memorising their Knowledge Organisers at home to ensure that they have the knowledge to unlock skills in assessments and exams.
  5. Homework Grids: A homework sheet with tasks and instructions. These will be set at the beginning of every Half Term and students will have deadlines set according to subjects. These deadlines will be on SMHW. These are linked directly to Knowledge Organisers to support with memorising facts over long periods of time.

In the current period of school closure please support your students in their learning at home by using our School Closure Worksheet (below) alongside the Knowledge Organisers for each subject. Then follow Show My Homework for instructions / tasks set by each subject teacher. 

If you would like to find out more about the Compass Knowledge-rich Curriculum, please contact our Assistant Principal, Gareth Jones, at