About us

The Compass Schools Trust was created with one thing in mind – to be part of providing outstanding schools for pupils, teachers and parents. This means the very best of teaching standards, the highest aspirations for every pupil and the highest expectations of them.

Compass School, Southwark opened in September 2013 to deliver these aims and these pledges. The school is a local state school offering rigorous education standards, a clear code of behaviour and an environment that will support, challenge and grow each of our pupils to her or his full potential. This involves a commitment to the basics of literacy and numeracy, to serving our pupils through a longer school day and to focus on developing their ability to relate to the world around them – from their peers to the workplace.

Compass School believes that every pupil has something to offer – to their friends, their community and to society and we will make a commitment to each of our pupils to support them in developing themselves and their talents while they are with us.

Whoever our pupils are and wherever they see themselves going, Compass will provide the bearings and the route map to help them to decide on – and complete – that journey.

Our staff will be champions of their pupils – providing natural authority and supportive relationships inside and beyond the classroom.

Doug Lewis

Chair, Compass School Trust