Virtual Transition Event July 2020

Welcome to our virtual transition event. It’s been an unusual time, but with resilience as one of our core values, we know we can use this challenge to create opportunities to become an even stronger school community.

Who would have known that it would be possible to meet with each new year 7 pupil in their homes before the start of the year? Our Zoom calls have made this possible! Who would have known that we would have a dedicated transition webpage with lots of interesting activities and opportunities to meet your teachers? You are doing this now! And who would have known you would be able to earn house points before you’ve even started? Now is your chance!

Challenges are there to be overcome! So rise to the challenge of making this the phase where you grow in education and character so you can be the best person you can be. We will support you all the way!

I hope you enjoy today’s activities. Let us know how it went for you by completing our feedback survey.

Mr. Huntley (Principal)

“You all saw Compass for what it really was, a community rather than just a building.” Year 11 Leaver

We are a community!

We aim for academic excellence!

We are here to support you!

Visit our classrooms for your transition activities

Read the information in each room and complete the “Transition Activities” to win house points. There are also a range of other challenges to keep you going over the summer.

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  • Click image for Maths



  • Click image for Wellbeing