Financial Accounts

The academies accounts direction document explains that academy trusts are required to publish their accounts in full on their website. It says:

“To maximise transparency and openness, this should be done as soon as possible after the accounts are signed, but must be done by no later than 31 January…
The trust should retain accounts in respect of at least the previous two years on its website.”

Please find the Compass Schools Trust financial accounts below:

2021 – Financial Statements Year End 31 Aug 2021

2020 – Financial Statements Year End 31 Aug 2020

2019 – Financial Statements Year End 31 Aug 2019

2018 – Financial Statements Year End 31 Aug 2018

Schools’ Financial Benchmarking Service

School employees with a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more

  1. Employee – £120,000-£130,000 PA