Core Values

At Compass School Southwark, we believe that education is about more than just academic achievement. We want to engage and enhance all aspects of our student’s lives and in doing so help them to determine their own course, with a good understanding of the world and opportunities around them.

We are able to deliver this vision by focusing on our four core values:



All students should aspire to reach a destination. Our role at Compass School is to support students in ensuring that their aspiration is ambitious, achievable and our curriculum enables them to reach that goal. 
We expect our students, staff and parents to act with integrity. This means courteous and positive communication with each other, honesty and representing themselves and the school in a positive way. Our behaviour for learning approach provides guidance for students and rewards and sanctions as appropriate. Our inclusive curriculum ensures that regardless of starting points, all students, have the opportunity to experience a substantial curriculum whilst also acknowledging the need for bespoke alternatives where required.  


Our curriculum encourages our students to be curious and want to explore beyond the subject matter they are taught in the classroom. Alongside our core academic curriculum at Compass School we develop this value through our enrichment curriculum, which encourages students to try new things, through our trips and visits, external partnerships and enrichment sessions. 


Our young people need to be able to respond confidently to the changes or uncertainties they may face in their lives and that resilient students are happier students. Through developing self-management skills, placing interleaving at the heart of our curriculum we strongly believe that we are able to promote a culture of resilience and broaden knowledge as part of our knowledge rich curriculum, we can ensure that Compass students are able to overcome any adversity.