End of year exams Year 10 -7

Please click here to download the time table for internal exams for Years 10 and 9 timetable  and Years 8 and 7 timetable.

Years 10 and 9 take place from 17th – 21st June

Years 8 and 7 take place from 24th June – 28th June

Revision resources have been shared with students who are able to download them from the school system. There are also revision resources on show my homework.

Seneca, BBC bitesize and revision guides are also great sources for revision material.  Students know how to access Seneca and BBC bistesize, some revision guides have been provided but these may need to be purchased.

The end of year exams will be important in determining which set students will be in next year and, especially in Year 9 and 10, will help determine the tier of GCSE paper they sit for their Maths and Science GCSEs, that is, foundation or higher.