Key stage 4

At Compass School Southwark, it is our belief that “everyone in the Compass School community will confidently reach the destination to which they aspire”. As a result, we are passionate about ensuring that all students achieve an all-round education that ensures they are as well prepared as they can possibly be for the next stage of their education or training.

Teaching hours are generous, with 5 hours per week for English, Mathematics and Science. This is increased to 6 hours for year 11 English and Maths. There are 3 hours per week for the option subjects including Humanities and Languages, and 2-3 hours for vocational qualifications.

Using a combination of progress data and pastoral information, we have created 3 ‘Pathways’ to ensure your child is on a route to achieve aspirational GCSE results in two years’ time.


Compass 9

This is the core Compass pathway, and is the minimum number of GCSEs that we expect a student at Compass School to achieve. Students on the core pathway will aim to achieve at least a grade 4 in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science. Students will undertake at least 9 qualifications.

Compass 10 (EBacc)

The Compass 10 pathway is our expectation for most students at Compass School Southwark. This pathway allows students to gain a broad range of qualifications, which will support them in reaching the destination they aspire to. These subjects are highlighted as desirable from the best universities and the business community. Students will undertake at least 10 qualifications.

Compass 10+ (EBacc)

The Compass 10 pathway has been devised for our most able (trailblazer) students, who have the potential to achieve a number of the highest GCSE grades (8/9 with the new grading system). Students on this pathway might be selected to study Triple Science. Students will undertake at least 11 qualifications.


To ensure students have a rounded curriculum to prepare them for life beyond school students also study the non-examined subject, Relating for 1 hour per week. This covers philosophy and ethics, community and aspects of health and wellbeing and enables active citizenship with FirstGive.

Post 16 Providers in Southwark

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