Our core curriculum at KS3 is enhanced throughout our school day to provide at two hours per week of enrichment activities to our students. Our enrichment programme aims to encourage students to explore their potential by trying new and varied activities.  Students have the opportunity to participate in community activities, enjoy additional sports, and develop skills in the arts.

Enrichment activities for KS3 this year take place on Monday and Tuesday during Period 3 and Period 4 and for KS4 on Thursday during Period 4.  These activities are a core part of the school day and are not optional.

Our enrichment programme is updated termly, and we are always looking for new and exciting activities for our students to participate in. If you have any suggestions, please contact us at

Some examples of our enrichment activities are:

  • Choir
  • Girls’ Circuit Training
  • Compass Cooks
  • Yoga
  • Step into Dance
  • Craft workers
  • Historical Film Society
  • Duke of Edinburgh