Compass School Southwark is a fully inclusive school, with a core academic curriculum followed by all students. To reach aspirational targets teaching and learning is backed up by modelling positive behaviour for learning, including independent learning and homework, to give the students the skills and understanding of what makes a successful learner.


At Compass School, we ensure that all students can reach their potential. To achieve this we stretch all students with a challenging curriculum and a growth mindset approach which encourages students to embrace challenge and want to learn. All students are encouraged to explore beyond the classroom, and our most able students (Trailblazers) have their own programme of support. 

Literacy & numeracy

Literacy and numeracy, along with the ability to relate to people and places, form the core of the Compass Curriculum. In Years 7 to 9, all students will study English and Maths for one hour each day, including 30 minutes a week of silent reading.


Compass School Southwark is a fully inclusive school in every sense of the meaning, accessible to students of all backgrounds, faiths and abilities, and regardless of learning or special educational need. High quality teaching, differentiation in lessons and mixed year group classes where appropriate ensures that students can make better than average progress in all subjects, regardless of starting point.

If you would like to find out more about the Compass Curriculum, please contact our Director of Learning, Paula Kennedy, at