Our vision

Compass School is a 600 place free school in Southwark for pupils aged 11-16: Our commitment is that:

“Everyone in the Compass School Community will confidently reach the destination to which they aspire”

Our discussions with local parents highlighted a significant local need for a new school, and both Southwark Council and Simon Hughes MP echoed the call for additional educational provision. Not only will there be a shortage of high-quality school places for secondary aged young people in this area in the future, but the best schools are already over-subscribed many times over.

Against this backdrop Compass School Southwark was established to serve the Bermondsey area. Compass School will work closely with the Local Authority and other Southwark Schools to ensure that we help to meet the local need for good school places – complementing existing provision rather than abstracting from it.

Compass School will provide:

  • High expectations and aspirations;
  • Teachers who challenge and motivate students;
  • A varied and student-driven curriculum;
  • A safe, caring and inclusive environment;
  • A strong relationship with its community;
  • An enriching extra-curricular programme.