Everyone in the Compass School community will confidently reach the destination to which they aspire.


Compass School Southwark is a mixed 11-16 school with a strong set of values that drive all that we do. Our vision is that everyone in the Compass School Community will confidently reach the destination to which they aspire. This vision can be seen in all aspects of school life, from setting high expectations for all students and staff through to providing our students with opportunities to explore the world around them.

Compass School not only focuses on academic excellence but supports our students towards becoming more independent learners and young leaders. Through our broad and balanced curriculum and extensive enrichment programme, our aim is to develop resilient young people, with the confidence and integrity to express themselves effectively, who are ambitious about their futures and explore the opportunities they are provided with. We also aim for our students to be able to relate to the world around them, having a sense of responsibility towards our local community and wider society.

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Our Values

School response to the Covid-19 outbreak 

Compass School has been open from the 2nd June for the children of critical workers and pupils who are vulnerable. Then subsequently, we made on-site provision for year 10 pupils to have face to face session with their teachers before the summer holiday. The school has made provision to support pupils and their families during the lock-down period to ensure the continuity of their education, their safety and well-being. Visit our dedicated Virtual School webpage for our online learning programme for the period of closure.

The school will welcome all pupils back in September 2020 and have made arrangements to do so safely in line with DfE guidance.